Stone Retaining Wall Explained

Stone Retaining Walls Explained

A stone retaining wall can be used in many different ways. For both practical or aesthetic reasons. To terrace a steep sloping site, for retaining garden beds, to define boundaries, to create a usable outdoor space or even to add some interest to your garden. Whatever the purpose, your stone retaining wall needs to be…

Stone Retaining Walls Coffs Harbour

Solé Structural Landscapes are specialists in stone retaining walls in Coffs Harbour. As a result, stone retaining walls represent the core of our landscaping business. Rest assured, we’re also experienced with timber, block and concrete retaining walls, but solid stone is our specialist material. We source our stone from local quarries that provide a variety…

Video: Sandstone Retaining Wall | Coffs Harbour

Where: Coffs Harbour When: 2015 What: Stone Retaining Wall, Professionally Engineered, Commercial Dry Stack Style, Sandstone Retaining Wall Why: To retain the bank and prevent erosion
How to Use Natural Stone Feature Walls in Your Outdoor Space

How to Use Natural Stone Feature Walls in Your Outdoor Space

Natural stone feature walls add beauty, interest, and structure to your outdoor decór. Stone, above all else, adds a sense of timeless durability. Moreover, nothing else provokes such a deep visceral sensation as ancient stone. With this in mind, it’s worth taking the time to plan the location and design of your natural stone feature…
Mastering Authentic Stonework Design Creates Life Lessons

Mastering Authentic Stonework Design Creates Life Lessons

Becoming an authentic stonework designer is a challenging but satisfying journey. Like any trade or skill that’s tough to master, doing so provides many rewards. Furthermore, these rewards become life lessons that can be applied to all kinds of challenging situations. When we talk about traditional stonework, we mean working with raw materials. We mean…