Mastering Authentic Stonework Design Creates Life Lessons

Mastering Authentic Stonework Design Creates Life Lessons

Becoming an authentic stonework designer is a challenging but satisfying journey. Like any trade or skill that’s tough to master, doing so provides many rewards. Furthermore, these rewards become life lessons that can be applied to all kinds of challenging situations. When we talk about traditional stonework, we mean working with raw materials. We mean real stone that has to be formed with hammers, chisels and hard work. In fact, it’s a skill that few possess but is nonetheless in demand and desirable. After all, stone buildings, walls and structures are uniquely beautiful and strong. They embody a sense of the past and the future. So, what are the life lessons learned on the journey to becoming an authentic stonework designer?

Complex Challenges Can Be Overcome

Most authentic stonework designers agree that mastering stone requires conquering a long and steep learning curve. Many will give up because it’s so challenging. However, with perseverance (and the knowledge that stone buildings do actually exist), it’s possible to slowly but surely become competent. Once competent, the craft becomes more manageable, more intuitive. By now, a stonemason will know how each different kind of stone will behave. He can spot fault lines and flaws and use them to hone the stone pieces to his advantage.

Strive for Beauty

Make no mistake; authentic stonework can be expensive. Consequently, not everyone will choose stone. However, skilled stonemasonry structures should be more costly than, say, wood. This is because a stonemason uses ancient materials and techniques that capable hands can only perform. Plus, something of beauty is being created that will last decades, if not centuries.

Durability Matters

In a throw-away world, creating something durable is a worthy goal. After all, look at the cities and ancient stone structures that people flock to see. People are attracted by the beauty and durability of the stone. For cities, think of Rome, Prague, Quebec, and Venice. Ancient stone wonders include the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes and Stonehenge.

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