How to Plan Your Backyard Landscaping

How to Plan Your Backyard Landscaping

Winter is a great time of year to start making a backyard landscaping plan to achieve the backyard you and your family have always wanted. We’ve all looked longingly out at our yards and visualised that roaring fire-pit, the hardwood deck full of friendly chatter or the magnificent rose-draped pergola. Sometimes we even catch glimpses of a shimmering pool and bubbling jacuzzi (sigh). So, that’s the vision, but how do we go about making it a reality?

Talk to your family and make a backyard landscaping plan

Probably the best place to start is to ask your family what they’d like. This will be a delicate negotiation. After all, you know already that the kids will want a huge pool complete with water slides, water jets and wave machine! If your budget can’t run to that then talking them down to a roll of black plastic and hose to make a slip ‘n’ slide won’t be easy. So, set some parameters to begin with. It’s a good idea to sketch out your yard space and begin to fill the area with features that everyone wants.

While doing this, make sure to take into account the movement of the sun and any prevailing winds. This will be particularly relevant for positioning flower beds, veggies and your entertaining areas.

Find the focal point

A good backyard landscaping plan will have a focal point. For instance, a feature such as a pergola could be centrally placed and pathways, garden beds and fruit trees could all radiate from there. Maybe your focus will be a raised entertaining deck or even a swimming pool.

Get the structure right first

Now that you’ve completed your negotiations, you have a sketch, and everyone’s excited about the new backyard landscape, it’s time to give serious thought to your yard’s structure. This means sorting out different levels, drainage considerations and pathways. You’ll probably need stone or timber retaining walls, and stone, brick or slab pathways. And don’t neglect proper drainage structure for when the big rains inevitably arrive.

Talk to Solé Structural Landscapes about your backyard landscaping. We’ll help you with ideas and advise and make sure you have the right structure in place.

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