Backyard Tips and Tricks for Coffs Landscaping

Backyard Tips and Tricks for Coffs Landscaping

They say if you stick a lolly pop stick into the ground in Coffs Harbour, it’ll grow. Sure, we know that but so do the weeds and the grass. If you’re looking for Coffs landscaping then you’ve probably got an idea for changing your backyard to make a feature and to make life easier. There’s certainly lots of things you can do. How about that hardwood deck you’ve always wanted? Or the pergola covered in roses? What about a shaded paved area to relax in? But where to start?

You Need a Plan Man

Start with a simple list of the features you and your family would like in the backyard. Obviously, the kids will want a pool. They always want a pool. But you need to think about the practical stuff too. Do you need to put in some stone retaining walls? What about drainage when the big summer rains come? Is your fencing sound? So now you have your list of needs and wants. Chances are, all that’s separating you from this new dream yard is time, skills, and resources.

Break the Coffs Landscaping Master-plan down into Stages

Stage one is clearing and ground works. These include drainage considerations, leveling and retaining. Once this is completed, you’re ready for the good bits, the features. You’re probably already going glassy-eyed over the raised deck, imagining the first cold one going down whilst the bbq sizzles in the background. But wait! There’s still lots to think about. What’s the best hardwood to use? Should I have a roof or awning? Is it for me or the market?

It’s Time to Bring in the Coffs Landscaping Experts

It’s easy to imagine you can do a lot of landscaping yourself. And some you can. But if you have plans bigger than a stone pathway or low rock wall, it’s better to call in the experts.
Sole Structural Landscapes can help you right from the start with ideas and designs. They’re professional, friendly and very capable. And that cold one on the deck could be a reality before you know it.

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