Choosing a Block Retaining Wall to Suit All Styles and Budgets

Choosing a Block Retaining Wall to Suit All Styles and Budgets

A block retaining wall is an excellent way to add interest, structure and value to your yard. If your garden is flat, then use retaining walls to create different levels, raised beds, steps and benches. These will add character and style to an otherwise uninspiring vista. On the other hand, if your yard is sloped, then a block retaining wall can be used to form flat terraced areas. These will increase the usability of your yard and create exciting features.

The Building Blocks of Beauty

Over the last 3 decades, block retaining walls have come a long way. We now have a vast range of block styles, colours and textures to choose from. In fact, whether your home is contemporary or traditional, there will be a block style to suit your home and landscape. Retaining wall blocks are also known as ‘link blocks’ or ‘stacker blocks’. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits and considerations to bear in mind when using them.

Benefits of a Block Retaining Wall

  1. Block retaining walls can be built without using mortar. This means they can be constructed more quickly. Link blocks are a bit like Lego and click together easily.
  2. Retaining wall blocks are made to weigh less than 20kg each. This makes them easier to use without requiring Arnie to be onsite!
  3. Each block is manufactured so they are always consistent in size and shape.
  4. Any shape wall is possible. The right choice of block can be staked in a curve or even with right-angle corners.
  5. There are lots of styles, colours and textures to choose from.

Considerations for a Block Retaining Wall

  1. Although building a linked block wall may seem simple, it’s the foundations for the wall that are critical. For a wall over about half a metre high, reasonable foundations should be laid. This could be as simple as compacted gravel but for a longer and stronger base, use a cement foundation.
  2. Fading and discolouration will inevitably occur over time. Blocks can be affected by harsh weather conditions and mould. Consequently, consider using a high-pressure hose a few times a year.
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