So Why Choose Boulder Retaining Walls

So Why Choose Boulder Retaining Walls?

Boulder retaining walls make a powerful statement. And they can do a serious amount of work. A boulder is generally classified as a large rock over 40cm in diameter. However, boulders are usually larger when used for boulder retaining walls. Moreover, each boulder can weigh hundreds of kilos depending on the type of stone chosen. Stone choices include granite, sandstone, quartz, or bluestone. Furthermore, each boulder’s style, size, and placement needs careful consideration. After all, the wall is likely to be around for several hundred years or longer! So, a boulder retaining wall is a serious undertaking. What’s it all about?

Boulder Retaining Walls Are Unique

Every boulder retaining wall is different. Essentially that’s because every boulder is different. This uniqueness is a huge part of the appeal. So, not only are boulder walls able to retain massive amounts of earth, but they also look beautiful. Plus, few things are more durable.

Big Rock Walls Are Not a DIY Project

Because of the weight and size of the boulders and the heavy machinery needed to place them, building a wall of this type is the domain of the professionals. Therefore, you need to find an experienced structural landscaping business with appropriate skills and flair when working with stone. After all, building a large-scale rock retaining wall isn’t just about plonking rocks on the ground. Before that happens, serious groundwork must occur, such as gaining council permission, plus solid foundations and drainage considerations.

Boulder Retaining walls to Blend with the Environment

No matter where you are in the Coffs Harbour region, your structural landscaper will be able to recommend stone that will blend with your surroundings. Furthermore, they will know from experience how the rock will change in appearance over time. Plus, they will be able to recommend suitable planting within and around the wall to soften the look. From natural bush rock, bluestone boulders, sandstone boulders, granite, or sawn sandstone, there is a stone colour, texture, and shape to suit your landscape wall project.

Chat to Luke at Sole Structural Landscaping about your boulder retaining wall ideas. Luke has a passion for working with stone, he has vast experience, and he’d love to be involved in your next landscape project.

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