Perception Matters - Business Landscaping

Perception Matters: Business Landscaping

Customers spend more with businesses they perceive as good. In other words, customers will stay longer if your business landscaping, and premises, are tidy. Essentially, they’ll stay longer because they’ll enjoy being there. Moreover, they’ll interpret the orderly landscape as a business that’s both efficient and caring. Also, business landscaping aims to provide protection from the weather and create improvements in energy bills. For example, trees provide shade and protection from the wind. Shade benefits customers and staff and will reduce your energy bill in the summer.

Business Landscaping Retains Customers and Staff

We’ve all seen the epic Google and Facebook offices with wide open spaces, beautiful landscapes, free jellybeans, and endless soy lattes. Well, you might not manage all that, but beautiful business landscaping is possible. But why bother? Studies have shown that positive environments create positive moods. So careful and thoughtful landscaping will pay dividends and improve staff performance and happiness. Plus, customers will enjoy the good vibes too.
Let’s face it; no one looks forward to working in a dingy and dark place with fading old bricks and no colour, overgrown weeds, threadbare carpet, or buzzing lights. Therefore, the brightest and most forward-thinking businesses take measures to avoid giving such an impression. They achieve this by allocating resources to create outside areas where customers and workers can enjoy a break, get some fresh air, and mingle with one another and nature.

Landscaped Areas Expand the Useable Area of your Business

Well-designed and maintained outside areas allow employees and customers to meet outdoors and benefit from the extra meeting and living space. After all, taking a break in nature is rejuvenating for employees, and many clients welcome the opportunity to sit and talk outside. Furthermore, how about a Christmas BBQ or team-building games outside on your own premises?

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