Look for These Qualities in a Landscaping Company

Look for These Qualities in a Landscaping Company

Finding the right landscaping company can be a challenge. A lot depends on what you need from a landscaper and your expectations. So, the first thing to do is decide what kind of landscaper you need. And there are many different kinds. In fact, on offer are landscape designers, landscape architects, landscape gardeners, structural landscapers, and landscape artists. Shall I go on? So, if you’re looking for a complete landscape solution, how do you choose?

A Landscaper for a Complete Landscape Solution

Although there are obvious overlaps in the services each type of landscaper offers, they are essentially arranged in a hierarchy based on education, training, and cost. For instance, a landscape architect will have spent several years at university and even more progressing through the ranks. Their skill set is broad and encompasses many disciplines. On the other hand, a landscape gardener will be offering a more focused service related to specific landscape planting. Also, landscape gardeners gain considerable knowledge from practical experience. For ideas and garden design, landscape designers may be your best bet. They have experience producing detailed designs that incorporate both structural and soft features. Finally, structural landscapers offer a wide range of services but focus on hardscaping. Hardscaping means working with machinery, concrete, wood, and stone. For many clients, structural landscapers are most able to offer a complete garden solution.

How to Choose

Decide what it is you want from a landscaper. Talk to your family and find out what they would like from your new landscape design. You need to be thinking about upkeep and maintenance. So, how hands-on do you want to be? Do you want a low-maintenance garden that looks after itself, or are you happy to get your hand dirty? Also, consider features such as lawns, borders, raised beds, pathways, walls, water features, decks and pergolas. Once you have a clear vision and a good idea of the budget, it’s time to approach the professionals. Assuming your budget isn’t huge, it’s probably best to talk to a few local landscaping companies that offer a complete garden solution. In addition, check out their social media scores and Google ratings and feedback. Furthermore, get references and visit some of their other projects. Eventually, you’ll find the company that feels right; they’ll be good listeners and have lots of ideas to improve your design.

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