What do concrete works include?

What do concrete works include?

Concrete works, or concrete services, are an integral part of landscape gardening services. This is because concrete is an incredibly versatile building material. The use of concrete goes back a long way. In fact, older even than pottery and metal, concrete is the oldest building material known to man.  Concrete floors have been found that are nearly 10,000 years old. As a result, ancient civilisations used concrete almost exclusively. This is because it could be easily made, shaped and molded and has an incredible long life span.

Concrete works today

Today, concrete remains the number one building material globally. Furthermore, its use within the landscape gardening sector remains popular because of its flexibility, price and durability. So, what do concrete services include?

Concrete Cutting
Concreters will do more than just lay a new slab, they’ll also get rid of the old one or shape it as required. After all, they’ve got the expertise, muscle-power and high-powered tools to do the job efficiently and safely.

Preparing the base
For a long-lasting slab, the base needs proper preparation. The extent of prep will depend on a number of factors such as the soil make up and intended use. Essentially, leveling, laying a gravel bed and reinforcement are the usual elements.

Creating form work and insulation
Indoor slabs will require a layer of insulation. Next, a wooden frame of the correct depth is made to contain the concrete when poured.

Laying concrete slabs

Thanks to the thermal, durability and termite-proof properties of concrete, it’s useful for many applications. These include; home foundations, driveways, walls, pathways, shed and carport slabs. Rest assured, your landscape gardener will ensure a perfect pour and will finish the level with a screed but also incorporate a slight slope to aid water run-off.

Concrete finishing
Depending on its use, and the client’s taste, a number of different finishes can be applied to the concrete.

If you’re planning to incorporate concrete works into your home or garden, chat to the friendly team at Solé Structural Landscapes. They can provide advice, ideas and a no-hassle free quote.
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