The Best Dirt Removal Methods

The Best Dirt Removal Methods

Landscaping a garden can often result in creating excess dirt. For instance, if you’ve dug out channels for pathways, wall footings or drainage, you’ll end up with piles of soil. The main options are dirt removal or using the dirt somewhere else. There are many free ways to get rid of the excess, or you can get your local landscapers in Coffs Harbour to pick it up for you. So, what are the best dirt removal options?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

They say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. You can test this old saying by posting your excess soil as a freebie online or for a fee. Local Facebook groups and Gumtree would be good places to start. After all, someone else in the community could be looking to level their yard, create garden beds or fill in a trench or hole. Also, tradies frequently browse online marketplaces for free stuff such as soil.

Hire a Skip Bin for Dirt Removal

There are a few skip bin hire places to choose from in Coffs Harbour. So, if you can’t give it away, hire a skip. You can ask them to drop the empty skip as near to your excess soil as possible to reduce the work involved with shovelling it. Bear in mind that dirt can get heavy, especially when wet, so check the maximum load allowed with the skip company. As a rule of thumb, a cubic metre of soil will weigh around 1.2 to 1.7 tons.

Instead of Dirt Removal, Re-use the Soil

Rather than give the soil away or pay to have it removed, consider keeping it and using it on another project. If you’re not ready to tackle another job immediately, save it in a pile for later. Excess dirt is useful for making garden beds, raised veggie beds, levelling your yard, filling in holes or dips, or as backfill for retaining walls.

If you have excess soil that you’d like removed or utilised in a landscaping project, call our friendly team at Sole Structural Landscapes today.

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