Earthworks in Coffs Harbour - Professional Excavation

Earthworks in Coffs Harbour – Professional Excavation

Earthworks is the essential preparation work carried out as part of a landscaping project. Basically, it’s the crucial dirty work. It’s about levelling, scraping, trenching and digging. Plus, depending on the scale of the work, it can be intensely manual and involve machinery such as Bobcats, excavators and dump trucks. In addition, if the job is large, landscape designers, surveyors and engineers may be required to plan the excavation and levelling to achieve the desired result and comply with council regulations. So, which landscaping jobs need earthworks?

Can We Dig It?

Yes, we can! Earthworks and excavation level the ground in readiness for structures or a landscape design. Typical earthworks include:

  • Landscaping excavation
  • Driveway excavation
  • Pathway excavation
  • Retaining wall trenches
  • Foundation excavation
  • Wall excavation
  • Drainage excavation

Earthworks For Drainage

Drainage can be a big problem in Coffs Harbour. When landscaping on a low-lying floodplain or slope, it is vital to keep the water flowing away from your property. The correct flow is achieved by digging drains and installing them per the specifications of Coffs Harbour council. Moreover, drainage considerations and improvements are essential to any excavation job.

Earthworks for Landscaping

The purpose of earthworks for landscaping is to change the grade and contours of your property. This is generally completed in three ways: trenching, sloping and shaping, and clearing and site preparation. Firstly, trenching involves digging out areas on your land so you can add drainage or build other structures, such as retaining walls or driveways. Next, sloping and shaping include using materials such as rock or soil to create hillsides, ridges around trees or shrubs for added privacy, and terracing for gardens with level changes between them. Lastly, clearing and levelling involve removing existing vegetation from your landscape so you can begin building new features. These might include ponds and water features, garden beds and veggie gardens without worrying about rocks and roots interfering with your plans.

If you’re thinking about landscaping for your property, contact Luke at Sole Structural Landscaping and explore the possibilities.

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