4 Step Embankment Erosion Solution for Steep Slopes

4 Step Embankment Erosion Solution for Steep Slopes

Steep slopes and embankments invariably create a soil erosion issue. Soil erosion can happen almost imperceivably over a long time or quickly due to torrential rain. Consequently, Coffs Harbours’ hilly coastal terrain and subtropical climate can present the perfect conditions for extensive soil erosion. Therefore, it’s essential to take steps to prevent unnecessary soil loss. So, what steps can you take to create an embankment erosion solution on your property?

Why Do I Need an Embankment Erosion Solution?

Essentially, if you don’t take steps to prevent soil erosion from your property’s steep slopes, you will eventually lose the topsoil. Without topsoil, it’s impossible to grow plants or grasses. So, not only will the land become barren, but it could take decades to build the topsoil back again. Additionally, you could begin to compromise the foundations of your property.

Plant Grass and Shrubs

Grass and spreading shrubs are nature’s way of preventing soil erosion. Just look at every hillside around you. Primarily, this is because the roots bind the soil. Plus, the leaf canopy provided by shrubbery reduces the impact of the rain, making it harder for the drops to break down the ground. Ornamental grasses such as Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo are excellent grass choices for sloping yards.

Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets are organic fibre biodegradable mats used as part of an embankment erosion solution. Mats are particularly beneficial for slopes that have been landscaped and therefore need additional support for exposed topsoil. The mats are placed over the soil to hold it in place while grass seed and shrubs grow through it.

Create Terraces with Retaining Walls

If your slopes are very steep and you want more than just hardy grasses, you may wish to terrace your yard. Terracing is an excellent way to reduce gradients and gain valuable and useable flat ground. To achieve this, you’ll need structural landscaping in the form of retaining walls. These walls can be wood, block or stone.

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