Excavations Done Right - Avoiding Mishaps Underground

Excavations Done Right: Avoiding Mishaps Underground

Winter on the Coffs Coast is the perfect time of year to start a garden transformation. You may be planning a new outdoor deck, garden walls or pathways, retaining walls, driveway or maybe a water feature. Whatever your plan, now’s the time to get into action. However, before you ‘break-ground’ and begin excavations, be sure to know precisely where any underground services might be. These may include gas, water, sewerage, telecommunications and electricity. So, how do I find out where these hidden dangers are?

Can you Dig it?

Yes, you can! But first, contact ‘Dial Before You Dig’. Dial Before You Dig is a free service that aims to provide homeowners, contractors, landscapers and builders with the locations of all underground services that are around and on your property. Essential, this service will help minimise risks associated with excavations such as high-powered electricity lines and water mains etc. Their national database is extensive and is freely available via their website at https://www.1100.com.au/.

Excavations and the Law

As with all states across Australia, NSW requires that you seek more information before you start any excavations. In fact, WHS declares that: “A person with management or control of the workplace must, before directing or allowing work to commence, take all reasonable steps to obtain current underground essential services information about the areas at the workplace where the excavation work is to be carried out. They must also obtain information about essential underground services in areas adjacent to the site of excavation and have regard for all of the information.”

Remember, pipework or electricity lines may not always be deeply buried. For instance, sometimes hidden rock under the topsoil may dictate that the services are nearer to the surface than expected.

Solé Structural Landscapes offer a complete landscaping service that includes excavations and WHS planning. Contact Luke Solé today for friendly advice and a free estimate.
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