Give your Garden the Edge

Give your Garden the Edge

Winter is the best time to get into your garden and take steps to make your life easier once spring, and growing season, is upon you again. It’s time to throw on a coat, shake out the wellies, and get into it. One of those tasks is to sort out your garden edging. Garden edging comes in a multitude of materials, styles and designs. It’s a great way to take control of your garden and to create fabulous design features at the same time. The only limitations are your budget and imagination. So, read on for a few great tips to make the most of your garden edging.

Timber Garden Edging

Termite resistant treated pine provides a simple edging for straight borders. It’ll offer a decent straight edge for your mower or whipper-snipper, but it won’t last forever. Better still, consider landscape quality hardwood timbers such as Tallowood. 

Brick Edging

Bricks make an excellent long-lasting garden edge that also looks great. For the best look, place then side by side rather than end to end. This way, you can create gentle curves, and the edge is deep enough to be practical. To lay brick edging, use a firm base of compacted gravel and mortar.  

Steel Garden Edging

Steel in the king for versatility. It’s available in lots of sizes and lengths, and it can be formed to follow almost any curve. Steel is the premier choice for contemporary gardens and is fantastic for raised beds and gravel beds. Consider FormBoss, they have loads of options, it’s long-lasting and good value too.

Plastic Garden Edging

Plastic edging is convenient, cheap and pretty versatile too. However, be warned that it’s not always long-lasting. It can soon degrade in our harsh Aussie weather and can begin cracking and splitting. One hit with the mower and it’s going to look shabby. 

To get the edge with your garden landscaping, contact Solé Structural Landscapes today.    

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