Fantastic Edging Ideas For Your Garden

Fantastic Edging Ideas For Your Garden

Don’t overlook garden edging if you’re planning a complete garden design or putting in a path or garden beds. After all, well-defined garden edges improve the look of your garden and offer several practical advantages. For example, they hold back the soil, gravel, mulch and stones and provide a tidy lawn edge that’s easy to whipper-snip. Plus, garden edges can be a feature of their own. So, let’s take a look at your best options.

Terracotta Garden Edges

Terracotta edging is affordable, attractive, and easy to install – perfect for a budget-friendly garden with character.

Brick Edging

Brick gives a flat, even edge to your garden. You can arrange them in various ways to match your style, bury them for a subdued look, or paint them for a dash of colour.

Shovel Garden Edges

You can create a hard, clean edge to your lawn with an edging shovel. Just be prepared – you may need to redo this edge a few times in the summer.

Rock Edging

Large natural rocks form a durable, unique border. While arranging them might take some time, the end result is worth the effort.

Metal Edges

Metal strip edging has recently become popular. It’s versatile and comes in various styles like rusted steel, copper or brushed aluminium. Easy to install, but deeper edging calls for a pre-dug narrow channel.

Plastic Edging

For a curved edge, a good option is plastic. It’s simple to install, long-lasting, affordable, and available in several colours.

Wooden Garden Edges

Wood edging is practical, durable, and won’t empty your wallet. Remember to choose treated pine or hardwood to prevent rot. If you need lots of edging, this is an affordable choice.

Paver Stone Edges

Paver stones, made from concrete, are sturdy and can double as small walkways. They’re heavy, so get help moving them, but they create a flawless edging.

Contact Luke at Solé Structural Landscapes and explore your options for garden edging that’s perfect for your garden.

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