Using Stones to Bring Your Garden to Life this Summer

Using Stones to Bring Your Garden to Life this Summer

It’s starting to feel warmer on the Coffs Coast. Finally, summer is nearly here, so now is the time to put some appeal into your garden and get creative using stones. Garden stones provide variety, usability, and natural protection, no matter the size of the garden. Moreover, stones are available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colours. You can choose a wide range of garden stones, such as brick walls, stone walls, pebbles, paving stones, or slate chippings, to add texture, design, and functionality to your gardening project. There’s so much to choose from, from the smallest aggregates to massive pavers that add colour, texture, and beauty to garden designs. So, what are the benefits and different types of garden stones?

The Benefits of using Garden Stones

Design and Style:

Garden stones offer endless possibilities for your new garden design. Consider brick edging for flower beds, coloured chippings or pebbles for a new path, and add slate features for exciting textures. In short, they are essential to any garden.

Weed Control and Drainage:

Stones offer more than decoration; they are practical too. Smaller aggregates, such as gravel, are excellent at weed suppression and create effective drainage.

Plant Care and Practicality:

Placing large stones or boulders strategically in your plant borders can help protect them from the elements. Plus, rocks and stones will retain moisture underneath them during dryer periods. Your plants can access this when required. From a practical perspective, gravel and pebbles provide the most cost effective and easiest way to create functional pathways throughout your garden, even when wet.

Popular Types of Garden Stones

There are too many types of garden stone to list, but here are our top picks:

Stone chippings and gravel – Pathways, in borders, driveways

River pebbles – In borders, as a design feature

Cobbles – Paths, borders, as a feature in walls

Bricks – Edging for borders and paths, side-on for pathways

Boulders – Feature and protection in borders

Sandstone blocks – Retaining walls, as design features

If you’d like to bring the magic of garden stone into your garden design, chat with Luke at Sole Structural Landscaping today.

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