Landscaping can Improve your House Value

Landscaping can Improve your House Value

Is it worth spending money on landscaping to improve roadside appeal? Yes! A recent study conducted by the University of Western Australia has suggested that property value can be increased by 5 to 20 percent. The fact is, most folks are drawn to a place with a tidy, lush and colourful frontage. So, what can you do to improve your curb appeal?

A beautiful lawn is key to Landscaping

A well-maintained lush lawn is paramount to attract buyers. There’s no doubt It’s a desirable feature the world over. As a result, always keep an existing lawn well maintained or put down new turf if you need to. Finally, create a good low-maintenance edge to your lawn. Essentially, most buyers are looking for easy to keep gardens.

Use functional and decorative colourful plants

Think about planting flowering shrubs, bushes and small trees to maximise both appeal and privacy. Make sure you plant to cover the boundary’s and shield your house from the neighbours. Afterall, a natural landscaping barrier is often more appealing than a plain Colourbond fence.

Pave your way to a Sale

As well as considered planting and an appealing lawn, pay attention to your landscaping infrastructure. For instance, your front fence and drive must be in good condition. You might want to consider a new fence and gate. Afterall, it’s the first thing a buyer will see and touch. A wobbly old gate isn’t going to create the right first impression. Also, consider using gravel or an attractive mulch such as bark, to really tidy up those borders and under the shrubs.

Commission a Landscaping company

A landscaping company will propose a plan that can drastically improve your property’s appeal. They’ll consider important factors like the season, planting positions and colour coordination. If you’re serious about achieving the maximum house sale price, then you should talk to a landscaping expert.

Talk to Sole Structural Landscapes today about improving your Home’s curb appeal and Value.

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