Do I Need a Landscape Designer?

Do I Need a Landscape Designer?

If you’re moving into a brand-new home or planning a major renovation then eventually your attention will be drawn to your garden. Depending on your scenario you may have a somewhat boring flat expanse of new lawn or possibly an over-grown jungle. Either way, at this stage, you’ll probably ask yourself, ‘do I need a landscape designer?’. Let’s face it, a reasonable landscaping project is going to need some reasonable investment. Therefore, you need to make sure it’ll have clear benefits such as increasing the value of your home and fit in with your lifestyle.

Choose your path wisely grasshopper

At this point, you’ll have a lot of big questions to ask yourself. You need to decide what you want from your landscape design. Is the focus on entertaining space with a pool and deck, or more a beautiful space to look out on from inside? The choices are endless and making the right ones now is important. Besides, even if you’ve decided on a budget, how can you know you’ll make the most of it? And so, this is the point at which we realise we probably do need a landscape designer.

What a landscape designer can do for you

Let’s assume you’ve done your research and narrowed your choice of landscaper down to two or three. Now’s the time to get them in and see if they relate to you. Are they on the same wavelength? After all, they’re going to around your property for a long time so you must get on. After checking out their credentials and previous work, ask for ideas to discuss. A good landscape designer should have a creative flair, sound knowledge of materials, plants and construction and be a good listener. Finally, ask for a detailed plan and timeline and a firm quote.

To chat about your unique landscape design project, chat to Solé Structural Landscapes today. They have the experience, flair and competitive prices you’ll love.

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