What's the Difference Between a Gardener and a Landscaper

What’s the Difference Between a Gardener and a Landscaper?

Gardening and landscaping are closely related, and there’s a fair amount of crossover. Having said that, there are important differences between the two. For instance, landscapers may describe gardeners as ‘plantsmen’. This is because gardeners are more focused on the health and layout of plants. On the other hand, landscaping companies are typically concerned with ‘hardscaping’ activities such as paving, retaining walls, driveways and patios.

Do I Need to Look at Gardening or Landscaping Companies?

Simply put, if you’re looking to have your garden maintained or being bought back to life with new plants and shrubs, then choose a gardening company. Or, if you’re looking for a design, redesign, large changes, or anything installed in a structural landscaping sense, then go for a landscaping company. There are, of course, similarities between the two roles. For instance, both can put plants and features into a garden. Both will have some knowledge of horticulture, such as seasonality and good groupings of plants for a given theme.

What Does a Landscaper Do?

Landscapers can completely redevelop your garden or put one where there wasn’t one before. This begins with the design of your project, the construction, and even the final planting. In other words, they offer a complete service based on your budget and requirements. So, landscaping companies can construct retaining walls, boundary fences, stone features, paving, driveways, decks, pergolas and patios. A separate landscape designer could provide the design, or you may wish to work closely with your chosen landscaper on your own design.

If you’re thinking about a landscape project, large or small, and would like some expert guidance, chat to Luke at Solé Structural Landscapes today.

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