How to Save On Landscaping Costs

How to Save On Landscaping Costs

A landscape remodelling project can be expensive if you consider ‘hardscape’ additions such as stone walls, retaining walls, stone pathways and stone features. However, you should bear in mind that hardscape elements will provide decades of enjoyment. Nevertheless, there are ways to save on landscaping costs without compromising too much on quality and style. So, let’s take a look at a few innovative ways to save money on your landscaping costs.

Simplify to Save on Landscaping Costs

Making a comprehensive list of all the landscaping elements you’d like in your yard is a great way to start. But, it’s easy to get carried away! There are many great options, such as firepits, wonderful stone seat walls, and stone retaining walls to create flat, usable garden areas and meandering slab paths. The list could be endless. So, the first thing to do is hone the features down to what you want. Moreover, decide on the core elements that you could add to later. Also, it’s a good idea to have a scale plan drawn up to ensure you can fit everything in and in proportion.

Mix Hardscapes with Less Expensive Materials

Features such as stone patios, pathways and stone walls are probably the most expensive parts of a landscape project. To save budget then, why not mix these with less costly materials such as gravel? For instance, consider a patio with a stone edge filled with gravel. Or a pathway made with pavers or flagstones surrounded by gravel. Also, don’t be put off by the suggestion of stone veneers. Modern stone veneers look fantastic. And a decent landscaper will construct a wall with a Besser block structure and stone veneer that will look perfect.

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