Landscaping Ideas for Spring - Solé Structural Landscapes Top 11

Landscaping Ideas for Spring – Solé Structural Landscapes Top 11

Yes, just like the fabled Spinal Tap, we’re giving you our top 11, not 10, landscaping ideas for spring! The heat’s been turned up, folks all over Coffs Harbour are getting ready to rock and the crowds are starting to gather around the main stage, sorry, BBQ. But seriously, as we emerge from winter and glance bleary-eyed around our sun-soaked backyards, now is the time to make the changes you want. So, here are our top 11 landscaping ideas you could try.

‘The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature’
Alfred Austin

Box Hedges
The box hedge is a great way to define borders and boundaries. Hardy and colourful, they’re a great organic edging that creates interest and colour.
Wake up and Smell the Roses
Bring olfactory awesomeness to your garden with sweet-smelling flowers, herbs and shrubs.
Winding Paths
Give your garden a sense of drama and movement with a winding path that takes you on a journey. There are heaps of different materials and textures to choose from. For instance, textured concrete, pavers or just gravel.
Retaining Walls
Wooden or stone retaining walls allow you to gain flat ground to use, retain borders and driveways. Importantly, get into this now before the big rains!

‘The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway’
Michael Pollan

Eat your Garden
Now’s the time to plants fruit trees, herbs and maybe some veggies. For example, a sturdy raised bed near to the back down is a great place to plant a variety of garden herbs.
Mixed Greenery
Try to plant a range of shrubs and plants to give a beautiful variation in foliage around the garden.
Flower Power
Surely the most glorious of all garden displays – beautiful flowers. Plant them for colour and scent and fill your borders all summer.
Wall Finishes
No one wants to look at that old Berlin Wall lookalike at the bottom of your garden. So, spruce it up with climbing plants, hanging baskets or interesting cladding.

‘The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly’  – William Wordsworth

Garden Accessories
There’s a wealth of garden accessories out there to choose from. As such, consider adding a water feature, an interesting sculpture, a rock pool, a gazebo or some colourful planters and pots.
A Quiet Place
We recommend creating a separate quiet area to relax in. Furthermore, pick a spot that has sun and shade and install or grow some screening. Next, lay pavers or maybe a wooden deck. Finally, crack a cold one and chill out.
A Dedicated BBQ Area
Every backyard needs a proper BBQ area. A deck or paved area is perfect, especially with box hedge or flower borders. In addition, make sure there’s a pathway running to it and try to position it near the kitchen.

So, there they are, the Top 11 landscaping ideas for this spring. If you’d like to explore these landscaping ideas further, why not contact Solé Structural Landscapes today and make your garden an 11.
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