Do You Need a Landscaper, Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer

Do You Need a Landscaper, Landscape Architect or Landscape Designer?

In a previous post, we looked at the differences between a landscaper and a gardener. The upshot is that although there are similarities between the two roles, there are also some critical differences. However, we still have to travel further down the landscaping services rabbit hole to discover the differences between landscapers, landscape architects, and landscape designers. So, which type of landscaping services do you need?


Essentially, landscapers are multi-skilled professionals that like to get involved – and get their hands dirty. They’ll be the ones planting shrubs, laying turf, building retaining walls and a vast assortment of other ‘hard landscaping’ projects. These might include stone retaining walls, paving, pathways, driveways, decks, pergolas, fencing, terracing and more. A good landscaping company will offer advice on reshaping your yard, adding stone or wooden features, and what to plant where.

Landscape Designer – Provide the Blueprint

Landscape designers lean more towards horticultural and plant nursery experience. They’ll produce a detailed planting blueprint. Moreover, clients can specify a garden-style they would like, and LD’s will make it happen. They’re less involved with structural landscaping elements. In short, landscape designers are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts, such as proportion, balance, perspective, colour and texture.

Landscape Architect – The Big Guns

You may want to involve a landscape architect if you’re struggling to know what you want. As such, they generally work on new properties or grand-scale redesigns. Of course, they will work on complex, smaller projects too. But the budget would need to be ‘healthy’. Finally, landscape architects collaborate with engineers, architects, surveyors, community planners, structural landscapers, and other professionals.

Landscaping Services

In conclusion, finding the right landscaping services provider depends on your desired outcome and level of involvement. Obviously, the size of the project and budget come into play too. Lastly, remember that it’s likely you’ll have the chosen contractors around your property for a while. Therefore, make sure you check their credentials, seek out personal recommendations and good online reviews, and get a firm quote before any work starts.

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