Levelling - Construction and Landscaping

Levelling – Construction and Landscaping

Levelling is vital as a foundation for most structural landscaping and construction projects, whether for building a house or an extension to the home, new pathways, patios, walls, or driveways. What’s surprising is that even a slight slope in a backyard can equate to a considerable amount of earth to move if you want it level. It really isn’t something you’d like to tackle with a shovel and a spirit level – making your landscape level is a job for the machines! Also, flattening specific areas of your backyard may require the building of retaining walls. Essentially, all projects require some form of levelling before they can begin. So, from simple levelling and ground preparation to more complex earthworks such as site drainage, concrete foundations and retaining walls, levelling is crucial.

Levelling Your Landscape

Ideally, gardens should be levelled before they are planted on or grassed over. Levelling allows water to drain away correctly rather than pooling around plants and garden beds. This helps prevent root rot and makes your garden look much tidier and more attractive. Levelling is also essential before constructing a patio, shed or garage. So, if you are looking for a professional landscaper in Coffs Harbour, we can help! Our expert team has years of experience levelling gardens and clearing land ready for construction. Plus, we can advise on how best to prepare your site, so you get the best results possible.

Landscape Projects Start with Flat Ground

In landscaping, levelling is often used to level off an area of land before laying down new grass, borders, or paving stones. This creates a smooth surface for people to walk and provides better drainage. Also, it’s helpful when building drainage systems as this will allow water to flow smoothly away from your property instead of pooling. Pooling can undermine foundations and cause erosion.

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