Low Maintenance Garden Design

Low Maintenance Garden Design

A low maintenance garden design doesn’t necessarily mean plain and simple. In fact, an easy-care, low maintenance yard can still be chock-full of great features and points of interest. Sure, you probably shouldn’t build a replica of the Trevi Fountain. That would be considered high maintenance by most! But neither should you be content with a basic patch of lawn or pavers. So, let’s have a look at a few design secrets to achieving an outstanding low maintenance garden design that won’t keep you busy every weekend.

Low Maintenance Garden Elements

It’s usually best to start a garden design by talking to the family. Make a list of all the practical, and not so practical, elements that everyone would like. Clearly, the kids will want a pool (they always want a swimming pool) but is that low maintenance? Next, refine the final list to low maintenance features. For instance, pavers require less attention compared to a wooden deck, stone steps, and walls are lower maintenance than using wood. Now, it’s time to make a sketch. A sketch will really help everyone visualise the new low maintenance garden design and it enables you to make sure everything will fit.

Go with the Flow

Most landscape designers agree an excellent garden design flows from one element to the next. Also, it’s best to avoid straight lines and rigid shapes. Decide if you really need a lawn at all. For instance, a courtyard of pavers with plenty of foliage can be just as welcoming. Create interest by using contrasting colours and clumps of different low maintenance foliage and grasses. Furthermore, ensure your stone, brick or impressed cement pathways are interesting by creating a winding path through your various spaces.

If you’d like to discuss your low maintenance garden design with friendly professionals, call Luke at Solé Structural Landscapes today.

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