Ways to Manage Excess Water in your Yard

Ways to Manage Excess Water in your Yard

In recent months it appears we’ve seen a return to the Coffs weather of old. That is, sunny, warm days building in humidity towards the afternoon and then a heavy but short-lived rainfall. Add to this the propensity for seasonal flooding, and the Coffs Harbour area becomes challenging for gardeners and landscapers. After all, too much water means soggy lawns, soaked garden beds, damaging soil erosion and pooling. So, what are some good strategies to manage excess water in your yard?

Manage Excess Water in your Yard with Drainage

These days new homes are built with garden drainage systems in place. But, for the rest of us, it might be time to get the shovel out or call a landscaper. Installing a French drain is one way to manage a wet area of your garden. A French drain consists of an underground pipe with perforations buried in a gravel-filled ditch. The pipe connects to a surface-level grate. Excess water enters the pipe and dissipates along its length into the ground. Alternatively, installing an above-ground drainage channel can manage excess water in your yard. This type of channel is also known as a bioswale or swale. These shallow trenches move the water from a high to a low part of your landscape. Plus, you can make them look natural with pebbles and planting water-loving plants along the edges.

Take Control with a Creek

Creating an attractive creek bed may be the answer if you need to manage excess water in your garden and have a sufficient slope. Obviously, you can vary the creek bed size depending on the amount of extra water you usually get. Experience will show you the way the water wants to run. So, follow the ‘natural’ path as closely as possible. Then, dig out a meandering trench. Next, line the channel with plastic and add attractive pebbles and rocks. For a finishing touch, add plants and grasses to soften the look.

Dealing with excess water can be a challenge. But turning an issue into something that can enhance your garden is possible.

If you need help managing excess water in your garden, chat with the experts at Sole Structural Landscaping today.

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