Mediterranean-Inspired Landscape Design and Stonework

Mediterranean-Inspired Landscape Design and Stonework

The Med’s a long way from Coffs Harbour, but if you’re dreaming of a Mediterranean getaway, why not create the experience in your backyard? After all, we’ve got the climate, the ocean and a holiday atmosphere right here. So, let’s have a look at a few inspiring ways you can bring Mediterranean style stonework and features to your garden.

Beautiful Mediterranean style stonework

When you think of Mediterranean coastal towns and villages, you imagine many old stone walls and buildings. Some as old as the incredible all-stone Trulli of Alberobello. Usually, the blocks have been eroded over time and have gained a lovely weathered patina. Sandstone is the stone of choice, and fortunately, it’s readily available in Australia. So, if you choose lighter sandstone colours, in time, you’ll soon achieve the weathered look, and it’ll continue to provide a pleasant warm tone. The same patina can be achieved with either solid sandstone or a sandstone veneer. The latter is much more cost-effective.

Walls and Other Stonework

The Mediterranean coastline generally consists of steep slopes. This creates the need for stone retaining walls to create terraced gardens. Stone retaining walls constructed with sandstone are both beautiful and practical. However, you don’t need slopes to use Mediterranean style stonework. For example, consider incorporating seat walls. Seat walls are an excellent way to provide extra seating in the garden or a ledge to display plants. Also, stone fire pits, fireplaces, stone outdoor kitchen areas, and water features are all beautiful additions to a Mediterranean theme.

Moreover, fire pits and fireplaces can be built using the same sandstone as the walls for a consistent look. Also, if you want to add sophistication, how about a chic fire table? This is a stone surface at coffee table or bar height. Wrap it in colourful hand-painted Mediterranean tiles for an authentic touch. Finally, for embellishments, there are lovely Grecian-style planters, urns, and pillars on the market. They even come with an already weathered look.

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