How to Use Natural Stone Feature Walls in Your Outdoor Space

How to Use Natural Stone Feature Walls in Your Outdoor Space

Natural stone feature walls add beauty, interest, and structure to your outdoor decór. Stone, above all else, adds a sense of timeless durability. Moreover, nothing else provokes such a deep visceral sensation as ancient stone. With this in mind, it’s worth taking the time to plan the location and design of your natural stone feature walls. So, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect stone wall.

Size Does Matter

We want to create a stone accent that complements everything else in your garden. But, a wall that’s too large will overpower other elements. And, too small and it’ll be lost. So, consider the area you’d like to see the wall in. Then, measure the site and use a tape measure to mark the floor. This will give you an idea of its size in the space. Finally, consider the thickness required to provide it with enough presence.

Materials For Your Natural Stone Walls

There are many different types of stone to choose from. Each type of stone will provide unique properties. For instance, slate and marble have flat textures but can be polished or matt. Others such as granite provide a wonderful texture that glistens in the sunlight. Also, some stones will vary between pieces to give a multi-faceted look. Furthermore, choose materials that will complement your landscape and home architecture. So, if you have a timber home, then incorporate wood into the structure. Ultimately, create a bespoke look that works for you.

Landscaping For Your Natural Stone Feature Walls

Unless a minimal look is what you’re after, don’t be afraid to use planting and landscaping to give your structure depth. For example, consider using architectural planting around the base. Or, if your wall is used for retaining, plant behind it to give interest and provide additional soil retention.

Talk to the stone wall specialists and call Solé Structural Landscapes for ideas and a free quotation today.

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