Create a Peaceful Outdoor Space with Landscaping

Create a Peaceful Outdoor Space with Landscaping

Having a peaceful outdoor space to retreat to is the perfect antidote to everyday stress. Moreover, a well-designed outdoor area that reduces garden maintenance and provides seclusion is even better. And now, as summer approaches, is the perfect time to start forming a plan of action. So, start your project by listing all the elements you’d like to see yourself and your family enjoying in your backyard. For example, do you see yourself in a Zen Garden with Balinese influences enhanced by the gentle sounds of running water? Or perhaps a more traditional garden with high hedges and rambling roses climbing over thoughtfully placed trellis? How about a circular stone seat wall surrounding a central firepit? For both residential and commercial landscape design, there are limitless possibilities for your beautiful outdoor space.

Landscaping Your Perfect Outdoor Retreat

Given that landscaping requires changing things literally from the ground up, a properly considered plan is crucial. So, once you’ve finalised your family meeting and decided on a few ‘must haves’ for your backyard retreat. Now is an excellent time to consult an experienced landscaper. Not only will a landscaper bring ideas to the table, but they’ll also let you know what’s possible in your space, and within your budget. For instance, they might suggest that the kid’s idea of a yellow 10-meter high tubular corkscrew slide ending in an immense resort-style pool maybe just out of your reach! However, plenty of different elements will be possible. These include stone retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor chimneys and seating areas, meandering stone pathways, hidden away patio areas with wooden or stone benches, and new privacy fencing with lush planting are just some of the possibilities.

Now is the time to plan for your perfect outdoor space – talk to Luke at Solé Structural Landscaping today.

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