How to Plan a Garden - Top Tips from a Landscaper

How to Plan a Garden – Top Tips from a Landscaper

If you want to plan a garden you need to decide on three main things. Firstly, what theme are you going to follow? Secondly, is your garden structurally ready? Lastly, which plants should you buy? One of the main challenges with planning a garden is that it’s such a long-term project. In other words, stuff you do now will not only have to last a long time in the elements but also, whatever you plant will grow and change. And sometimes grow big, perhaps too big. So, for some top tips on how to plan a garden let’s take each point in turn.

Which Garden Theme Should I Choose?

Budget is obviously a prime consideration but putting that aside for the moment, think about what you need from your garden and how you’ll use it. If you’re short on time then go for simple, low-maintenance features such as paving and stone. Planting should be easy-care natives. On the other hand, for a family, you’ll want to consider a pool, lawn areas, and an entertaining deck. And maybe an outdoor fully-stocked bar (we can dream can’t we?) Here’s a wonderful selection of top Australian garden ideas as featured in Australian House and Garden

Do I Need Structural Landscaping?

Before you get into the detail of your garden landscaping make sure it’s structurally ready. By this we mean is the drainage working well across your property? Does it cope well with stormwater? Also, if your yard is sloped then you might want to consider adding terracing. Essentially, by using stone retaining walls you can make your sloped space much more usable and more interesting.

Which Plants Should I Buy?

The kind of plants you choose will be driven by your theme but also by your climate. So, make sure they are going to thrive where you live. Generally, native plants are likely to be the lowest maintenance and are the most likely to survive a drought or flood. Check out this great guide to Australian native plants from Better Homes and Gardens.

If you want help to plan a garden, chat with us at Solé Structural Landscaping today. We have lots of experience, great ideas and would love to get you started.
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