Factors Affecting Timber Retaining Wall Cost

Factors Affecting Timber Retaining Wall Cost?

Retaining walls are a practical way to gain flat, usable areas from a sloped yard. Plus, they prevent soil erosion and alleviate drainage issues. Retaining wall cost depends primarily on the material chosen. Materials include timber, stone, brick, concrete and gabion. However, there are many other factors to consider. Let’s have a look at the elements that go to make up a retaining wall cost.

Retaining Wall Cost Considerations

  • Dimensions and size of the wall
  • Design and consulting services, including needs for excavation and drainage
  • The cost will vary if you build it yourself or hire a builder.
  • Whether you require the services of a structural engineer or another

Also, costs will vary based on how much land preparation is required:

  • Is excavation required?
  • Will there be any issues with excavators or materials gaining access?
  • Are there any trees or boulders that require removal?

Timber Retaining Wall Cost

Treated pine is a good choice for a retaining wall. Treated pine can last up to 20 years. In addition, it’s resistant to termites, moisture and the elements. However, the most durable pine option is pine sleepers. Treated pine sleepers are similar to railway sleepers. Obviously, the most durable materials are stone, concrete, or hardwood, but they will be more expensive. Plus, if you’re not looking for a material that will last a lifetime and you’re on a budget, choose pine treated to H5 standard.

Retaining Wall Regulations in NSW

Depending on the height of your proposed retaining wall, you may need a permit from your council and a structural engineer to design it. For Coffs Harbour, the maximum height you can construct a wall yourself is 600mm. In addition, the position of the timber retaining wall is important too. So, if it’s within 1 meter of a boundary, you’ll also need permission from your local council, regardless of the height.

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