Understanding Retaining Wall Height Regulations

Understanding Retaining Wall Height Regulations

A professionally constructed retaining wall is a feat of engineering. Make no mistake, there’s much more going on than first meets the eye. Timber and stone retaining walls not only look great, but they are also structural too. They’re built to withstand enormous pressure and weight and to stabilise large amounts of heavy soil, which becomes heavier still when it’s raining. So, you might be disappointed if your DIY low retaining wall begins to move, tilt or crack under the strain of the heavy soil it’s holding back, but at least it won’t be too dangerous. However, apply this to a 2 or 3 meter high retaining wall, and you’d have a real problem to sort. And that’s why every state has imposed regulations about retaining wall construction. So, let’s take a quick look at the Retaining Wall Height Regulations and how they apply to Coffs Harbour properties.

The Great Wall of Coffs

If you need a retaining wall over 600mm high, then you usually need permission from Coffs Council to build it. Furthermore, if a building permit is required, you’ll need your wall to be designed by a structural engineer. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean your retaining wall will become prohibitively expensive. Most retaining wall builders work with engineers regularly, so it’s no biggy. But, every wall is different, so make sure you factor in this additional cost.

Yes, There Are Additional Retaining Wall Height Regulations

As well as height, there are other regulations to consider too. For instance, in NSW, a retaining wall must be at least 900mm from a boundary line. Also, remember to contact ‘Dial Before You Dig’ before starting any excavation for wall footings. Other regulations may apply so if you’re thinking about tackling a DIY wall, then it’s best to contact your council. However, if your wall is going to be higher than about half a meter, then the project is probably best left to retaining wall specialists.

Contact Luke at Solé Structural Landscapes today to explore your wall options. He’s completed countless stone and timber retaining walls throughout the Coffs area, he offers excellent value and knows a thing or two about Retaining Wall Height Regulations too.
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