10 Retaining Wall Ideas for your Garden

10 Retaining Wall Ideas for your Garden

Using retaining walls in your garden is a great way to add interest, colour, texture and structure to your landscape design. In addition, stone retaining walls and steps can be used to add extra levels to a smaller garden making it seem larger and giving it more character.  Practically speaking, retaining walls are used to provide a very strong and durable way to create terraced levels. This can help to level out a garden whilst preventing soil erosion and also managing water run-off. Beyond this, retaining walls bring a sense of sophistication and style to garden like nothing else can. So, here are 10 awesome retaining wall ideas for you to consider for your next garden project.

Stone Retaining Walls

1. Cut Stone
Cut stone walls look fantastic. They’re highly textured and give you the opportunity to use different kinds of stone. Furthermore, they’re mostly a ‘dry’ wall so they use the minimum (if any) mortar.

2. Sandstone
Sandstone is a classic choice. Its lighter colour creates a perfect backdrop or feature.

3. Grey Blocks
Grey block walls and steps create an impressive and very durable structure for any home.

4. Large Rocks
Forget the subtle and go all out with large rocks. They create a powerful statement and a solid structure.

5. Stone veneer
Using stone veneer saves a few dollars and creates a lovely textured stone finish.

Timber Retaining Walls

6. Timber
Various timbers such as tallowwood, ironbark, grey gum and forest red gum make great choices for timber retaining walls. In fact, once treated, they can last for up to 25 years.

They can be finished with a colour to blend with your environment or left to naturally age.

7. Timber sleepers
Chunky rustic timber sleepers make a perfect retaining wall for a country home. In addition, treated and stained, they can look stylish anywhere.

Brick Retaining Wall Ideas

8. Classic Brick
Red brick walls are timeless. They’re a great choice almost anywhere and will provide decades of practical support and style.

9. White Brick
Go the full Hampton’s with a stylish white brick retaining wall.

10. Gabion Basket
This is a practical and green solution to retaining walls. Rest assured, they’ll soon gain colour and fit in to your environment in no time.

There you have it, 10 practical but beautiful retaining wall ideas to ponder for your garden design inspiration.

To explore these ideas and many more, chat to the landscape experts at Solé Structural Landscapes today.


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