What is the Best Retaining Wall Timber

What is the Best Retaining Wall Timber?

When building a retaining wall, the type of timber used is an important consideration. Timber is the key structural material of the wall and therefore needs to be strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of the earth it’s retaining. Also, the type of post used is an essential factor. Post choices include pine, hardwood or metal. Treated pine is commonly used because it’s the most cost-effective solution. Alternative timbers include pine sleepers and treated hardwood. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the best options for retaining wall timber in Coffs Harbour.

What Does the Average Timber Wall Cost?

The cost of timber retaining walls varies depending on the type of timber chosen and the size of the wall. Generally speaking, treated pine is the most cost-effective option. The cost of the wall typically follows the expected longevity of the materials.
Here are rough estimates on how long different timber types may last when used in timber retaining walls.
Treated pine logs can last for roughly the same amount of time as treated hardwood sleepers.
HR5-treated pine sleepers are expected to have a life span of up to 20 years.
Treated hardwood sleepers can last for an estimated 7 to 10 years. Also, if you plan to use used railway sleepers, bear in mind that the age and condition of the sleepers you buy will determine the longevity of your timber structure.
Railway sleepers treated with creosote have been known to last up to 100 years on tracks. These estimates are just a gauge, as the life span of your timber wall may vary depending on the timber you choose, the weather and soil conditions in your area, and other factors.

Treated Pine As Retaining Wall Timber

Treated pine is the most common choice for timber retaining walls as it offers excellent value for money. It is also solid, durable, resistant to rot and decay, and easy to install. Plus, it also looks great when painted or stained.

Using Sleepers

Timber Sleepers can also create a strong and durable retaining wall. They come in various sizes, shapes and lengths and are a great option for garden beds, steps and other landscaping projects. They are also relatively cost-effective and easy to install.

Other Materials for Walls

Timber is not the only option for retaining walls. Other materials such as concrete, brick and stone are also popular choices. These materials are more expensive than timber but can be more durable and longer lasting.

In short, when it comes to building a retaining wall in Coffs Harbour, treated pine and sleepers are two great options for timber. Both are strong, durable, cost-effective, and relatively quick to install. However, other materials such as concrete, brick and stone should be considered for a longer-lasting solution.

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