Ideas and Inspiration for Rock Retaining Walls

Ideas and Inspiration for Rock Retaining Walls

A Rock Retaining Wall Adds Natural Beauty to Your Landscape

Boulder or rock retaining walls make an excellent alternative to concrete, brick or wooden retaining walls. They’re not subject to erosion or wear and provide an impressive rustic appeal. You can select from a wide variety of rock types such as granite, sandstone, bush rock, blue-stone, and porphyry rock. Because of the size and weight of a well-constructed boulder retaining wall, they’re able to keep tons of soil at bay. This makes them versatile and great value considering how long they’ll last.

Can I build my own boulder retaining wall?

With a little practice and plenty of time, there’s no reason why you can’t tackle a small hand-placed rock wall. You’ll quickly realise though it takes quite a skill to keep things level and stable! Larger walls on the other hand are definitely a job for an experienced landscaper. They have the necessary machinery and skills (not to mention good steel-capped boots!) to construct a wall that will probably outlast your house. In addition, working with large boulders is dangerous and requires great care.

Do I need Planning Permission to build a Rock Retaining Wall?

Different councils have different rules so it’s best to check with your local council before beginning the project. Obviously, a low hand-placed stone wall probably won’t require permission, but other larger constructions may do.

Councils generally have rules about where the retaining wall is built, such as;

Your wall shouldn’t be used to redirect water onto a neighbours property (that would be naughty) and you can’t build over or within a metre of a sewer or water main. Consequently, you’ll need to consult council plans to see where your pipework goes across your property. In addition, you can’t build a stone wall within a certain distance of a boundary or a natural waterway.

Hiring a retaining wall builder in Coffs Harbour

The Coffs Harbour area is considered uneven, especially when going west of the town. This creates a strong need for a quality retaining wall builder. When selecting a suitable company, ask to see their work in the area. It’ll be pretty obvious if the work is of a good quality and perhaps you can even ask the owners about their experience. Next, discuss availability and costs. Make sure they can complete the work within a timetable that suits you and at a budget you can afford. Finally, check their licenses and insurances to make sure everything is current and adequate.

For a no-obligation quote from an Experienced Rock Retaining Wall specialist, call Solé Structural Landscapes.

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