How to Use Sandstone in Your Garden Design

How to Use Sandstone in Your Garden Design

Sandstone is a versatile building material that works well in traditional and modern gardens. It adds texture and warmth to your garden while giving it a distinctively Aussie style. In addition, sandstone walls provide the ideal background for the flushes of colour only found in Australian native flowers and plants. This unique colour gives your garden that authentic coastal feel. So, continue reading to learn how to use sandstone into your garden design.

Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is a durable and adaptable material for walls, fences, and privacy screens. Consequently, it’s frequently used in retaining walls, but it also looks great as a boundary fence or as a focal point in the front garden. In fact, Federation-style and contemporary homes both pair exceptionally well with sandstone walls. Also, retaining or freestanding sandstone walls can be a feature in and of itself, adding character and warmth to a garden.

Sandstone Paving

In gardens across Australia, sandstone paving is a favourite. Contemporary and traditional house designs look wonderful with sandstone pavers as outdoor garden steps, pathways, borders, or edging. However, bear in mind that because sandstone is so porous, it’s crucial to seal your pavers to protect them from stains and the weather. Alternatively, for a product that won’t stain, is low maintenance and still looks like natural stone, have a look at vitrified tiles.

Garden Features and Sandstone Walls

Sandstone is popular for constructing beautiful landscape elements. For example, sandstone cladding will instantly transform a boring old brick wall. Furthermore, it can add another level to your garden design. For example, when used to build raised garden beds or as a natural cap for a masonry wall. Sandstone can be used to cover your built-in outdoor barbeque or to create a feature wall. Additionally, it’s often used to construct letterboxes and attractive front boundary walls.

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