Things to Consider When Building Exterior Stone Feature Walls

Things to Consider When Building Exterior Stone Feature Walls

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and impact of having an exterior stone feature wall. Stone brings a sense of permanence and strength together with fantastic colours and texture.  So, if you’re thinking about building a feature wall, there are some things you should consider. Let’s take a look at a few top tips.

Stone Feature Wall Location

A stone feature wall is just that, a feature. Therefore, it can be built as a stand-alone structure or as a continuation of the existing architecture. Common locations for stone feature walls include; around pools, as a backdrop to a water feature, structure for an outdoor room, an extension to an outdoor fireplace, along the perimeter, or as an external wall for an outdoor kitchen. Remember! Check your building regulations with your local council.

Rock Your World

Not all stone is the same therefore material suitability is important. After all, it’s going to exposed to all weathers plus pool chemicals, dirt, and wind. So, while a particular material may be certified for outdoor use, check how it’s likely to perform in the long term. For instance, some veneers will change colour over time. In any case, choose the best quality stone you can afford. It’ll stand the test of time and give you pleasure for decades.

Consider the Maintenance

Some stone veneers require preparation and sealing. This seal will usually need renewing regularly. So, choose carefully otherwise without regular maintenance your feature wall may become unsightly. Here are a few questions you can ask when choosing your feature wall material. Will it need resealing? Do you need to stain it? Can you pressure wash the material? What cleaning products can you use?

There’s no doubt that adding a stone feature wall to your outdoor space will greatly improve its visual appeal and aesthetics. And, with the right materials, position and design, it’ll bring many years of pleasure.

Chat to Luke at Solé Structural Landscaping about your stone feature wall ideas. Luke loves working with real stone and he has lots of experience with stone wall construction.

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