Exploring Popular Stone For Building

Exploring Popular Stone For Building

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the buildings, walls and garden structures around us are made of? Well, stone has been a building staple for humans for thousands of years. However, it’s not just about picking the best-looking one; each stone has special properties. We’re fortunate in Coffs Harbour because we have access to a huge variety of stone for building any project. So, let’s explore some of the big rock stars in the construction world.

Granite: The Tough Stone For Building

Granite is like the superhero of stone for building. It’s super strong because it comes from lava that’s cooled down and becomes rock-solid (Igneous). It comes in all sorts of colours, not just your usual greys. Moreover, people love using granite for things that get a lot of action, like kitchen counters and floors. It’s fantastic against the weather, which is why you’ll see it outside a lot, too.

Sandstone: The Show-Off

Then there’s sandstone. It’s made of little sparkly mineral bits, with many hues and textures on offer. It’s perfect for giving buildings and gardens a touch of class. Plus, sandstone works well around Coffs Harbour and stands up to the salty air.

Limestone: The Softer Stone For Building

Limestone isn’t as hard as some of the other stones, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still a popular choice, maybe because it’s like a time capsule with all the fossils in it. Builders use it a lot for inside walls and fancy trimmings. The colours are usually on the light side, giving things a warm, natural vibe.

Basalt: The Dark Knight

Basalt is granite’s darker cousin. This stone is tough stuff, mostly found underneath oceans. Its strength makes it great for things that get walked over, like floors and sidewalks.

Marble: The Glam Rock

Marble is what happens when limestone gets a makeover under heat and pressure. It’s all about luxury, with those pretty patterns that make you think of fancy statues and ritzy buildings. It’s mostly an inside kind of stone because it keeps cool and look good, especially in bathrooms and entryways.

Slate: The Split Stone For Building

Slate can split into super thin pieces, which is awesome for roofing and flooring. It’s not as variable as some of the other stones, but it’s dependable.

Quartzite: The Unsung Hero

Quartzite started as sandstone but then got tougher through additional compression. It’s harder than granite, which is saying something. It’s the stone you want in a place that’s always busy, like stairs and hallways, because it’s not just pretty—it’s practical.

Travertine: The Cool and Collected

Travertine keeps cool even in direct sunshine. It comes from mineral springs and has this cool, pitted surface that feels neat underfoot. It’s a go-to for bathrooms, outdoor paths, and pool areas, where it brings a relaxed, earthy feel.

Let’s Rock! Stone For Building

So, next time you’re thinking about what to build with, consider what you’re building, where it’s going to be, and what the stone’s good at. They’ve all got their talents, and choosing the right one means your building will stand up to whatever comes at it, and look good doing it.

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