The Right Stone for Your Garden Design

The Right Stone for Your Garden Design

Introducing a stone garden feature into a garden design is a cost-effective way to add interest and texture. Indeed, from Japan’s elegant raked Zen gardens to quaint country cottages of England, gravel and stone are integral to the style. Throughout the world, gravel is popular because of its value and versatility. Furthermore, it’s easy to install and maintain. Gravel’s larger cousins; pebble, cobble and paddle, provide even more variation and value.

Like a Rolling Stone

The names we give different stones are based on their size. So, pebbles are the smallest at around 6cm in diameter. Second, we have cobblestones ranging from 6 to 64cm. Next, the largest are boulders at over 64cm. Lastly, paddle stones are the size of cobbles but with a flatter shape.  The various shapes and sizes have been created by years of natural erosion in river beds or the ocean. Here are just a few ways to use them to create durable and endearing stone garden features.

Ground Cover as a Stone Garden Feature

Creating low-maintenance gardens is a priority for busy people. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In fact, garden designers will often use stone to create a perfect combination of no maintenance, low-cost, exciting and easily installed. Moreover, pebbles, gravel and cobbles can be used in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Mix it Up

There is a wide variety of pavers and stones to choose from. So, why not mix them up to create something awe-inspiring?  For instance, use a variety of gravel types to frame a collection of different groups of pavers. Or, arrange your stones in size order and create interesting bands of texture.

Decorative Pathways and Water Features

Cobblestones have been used for centuries to create durable paths and roads. Once upon a time, they were fixed using mud and packed closely together. These days, we use a hardcore base and set them in concrete. However, loose gravel and pebbles are the most straightforward option and are very effective. Also, water features, large or small, can benefit from the decorative effect of river pebbles. Either positioned around the feature area or in the water feature itself.

If you’d like to create a stone garden feature, talk to Luke at Solé Structural Landscapes today. He loves to work with stone, and he’s connected to all the high-quality local quarries.

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