Why is Stormwater Maintenance Important

Why is Stormwater Maintenance Important?

Over the last few decades, development has increased in the Coffs Harbour area. As a result, stormwater repair work and maintenance have become increasingly important. Stormwater is a national problem requiring careful planning. Indeed, even our national treasure, the Great Barrier Reef, suffers from pollution and sediment build-up caused by stormwater runoff. Fortunately, large-scale stormwater drainage works were carried out throughout the Coffs region after the devasting floods of 2009. This work has eased the impact of subsequent flood events. So, what are the benefits of stormwater repair work and maintenance?

Stormwater Repair Work and Maintenance

In towns and cities, stormwater falls onto non-absorbent surfaces and becomes runoff. Furthermore, this water gathers sediment, debris and pollutants that can travel through rivers to the ocean. Clearly, the environmental impact of poorly managed stormwater can be disastrous. So, the benefits of good stormwater system design are many:

Reduced Flood Risk. A well-designed system will direct excess water away from development.

Erosion Reduction. Slowing the flow of stormwater helps prevent excessive erosion of natural waterways.

Better Water Quality. Management of the water flow reduces the number of pollutants the water carries.    

Prevents Infrastructure Damage. Excess water can damage buildings, roads, and surfaces.

Managing Stormwater on Your Property

If you have issues with stormwater on your property, it may be your local council’s responsibility to fix the problem. For instance, if the water source is outside your property and is being created by a blocked culvert or drain, you may have a case. But, on the other hand, if you regularly experience excess water threatening to damage your home or property, and the source is unknown, you need advice. So, speak to a structural landscaping firm or drainage specialist before the next big one.

Chat to Luke at Solé Structural Landscaping if you are concerned about stormwater repair work or maintenance on your property.

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