Structural Landscaping Checklist For Domestic Building Work

Structural Landscaping Checklist For Domestic Building Work

Whether you are carrying out works on an investment property or building your dream home, finding the right person for your structural landscaping can make all the difference.

Domestic building work involves construction, improvement, maintenance or renovations of a home. The definition of a home in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 is and residential premise including industrial and any commercial building on the property. This does not include vehicles, caravans, motels, hotels, residential clubs, hospitals, nursing homes or any residence not intended for permanent habitation or any dwelling that is not recognised as meeting home regulations.

Checklist and Projects

It is crucial that building owners know and understand various structural landscaping components when undertaking domestic building work. Structural landscaping for homes is commonly made up of designs, planning, construction and the installation of different external landscape features.

Some external structural landscaping features may include:

  • Gazebos, pergolas or cabanas
  • Decks, paths or driveways
  • Ramps or stairs
  • Retaining walls, fencing or gates
  • Water features and ponds


Experience is one of the attributes you need to obtain registration as a domestic builder as well as other aspects that a structural landscaper will need to be able to safely and correctly perform their role.

Here is a checklist of requirements your structural landscaper will need to comply with professional standards.

  • Knowledge of hydraulics for the installation of water features
  • Be able to build retaining walls
  • Work to protect natural flora and features
  • Build landscape features using a variety of materials including stone, brick, concrete and timber
  • Know when to involve other building specialists
  • Recognise and apply correct waterproofing to structures, water features and retaining walls
  • Know the correct finishing’s
  • Easily identify building materials and equipment
  • Have knowledge of licenced trades and what task they perform
  • Be able to apply irrigation, drainage and lighting
  • Have the know-how to choose the right materials that will be suitable for the project

If you are looking for structural landscaping that ticks all the boxes, give us a call at Solé Structural Landscapes.

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