Timber Retaining Walls in Coffs Harbour

Timber Retaining Walls in Coffs Harbour

Timber retaining walls are a common sight in Coffs Harbour. Sure, it’s a beautiful place to live with unspoiled beaches, rolling hinterland and rich pockets of rain-forest. But there’s also very little flat land and therefore most homes have to contend with some degree of slope. Consequently, to make the most of your outdoor space, timber retaining walls are a great enhancement both visually and practically.

How is a Timber Retaining Wall constructed?

In a word, carefully. There are well-established techniques for building both rock and timber retaining walls because the forces involved can be very large. Even a wall at just 1-meter high can be responsible for holding back many tons of earth. In addition, the wood chosen for the project is an important consideration. For Coffs Harbour, hardwood choices include Tallowwood, Grey Gum and Forest Red Gum. Beyond this, there are a few choices for treated timber. These can last just as long but have the advantage of lower cost and lower weight. Importantly, all timbers that carry structural loads are required to be stress graded to AS 2082.

What are the different kinds of Timber Retaining Walls?

Essentially, there are three main types; mass walls, timber crib walls and cantilevered walls.
Mass walls are so called because they rely on the mass of timber to do the retaining. This technique is for lower walls.
Timber crib walls are the more usual construction designed to retain low to medium-high walls. With these, treated timber posts are driven into the ground and treated planks retain the soil. Furthermore, an essential drainage system is designed into the construction.
Cantilever Walls are used for larger scale walls and require engineering designs.

How long will my Timber Retaining Wall last?

With professional design and construction, your wall can be expected to last for decades. In addition, over time, it’ll start to look even better. It’ll slowly weather and become part of the natural landscape. Finally, maintenance is minimal but you should inspect, or arrange a regular inspection of the wall. Look for any movement, cracking or poor drainage.

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