Australian Lawns & Grasses - Choose The Right One for Turf Lay

Australian Lawns & Grasses: Choose The Right One for Turf Lay

If you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Coffs Harbour, now is a great time to pick the perfect grass for turf lay. There are a few leading contenders, each with its own advantages depending on its intended use and position. Here, we’ll guide you through the turf lay options suitable for the Coffs Harbour area.

Turf Lay Options

There’s more to turf than just grass – a lot more. Australia is home to many varieties, all suited to different conditions and uses. For instance, we have the versatile Buffalo turf, a firm favourite for family garden designs, which is fast-growing and doesn’t sprout from seeds but grows from its runners.

Is Buffalo The Best For Turf Lay?

Buffalo turf has a robust root system, ensuring it doesn’t get soggy and boggy, especially during peak rainy seasons. This grass can repair quickly and is also a low irritant variety, making it an excellent option for homes with kids and pets. Not only that, but Buffalo is also perfect for areas with high foot traffic.

However, the turf lay choices do not end here. As desirable as Buffalo turf is, other robust varieties are suitable for diverse applications.

Let’s Talk Turf

First, Couch. Famously used for Australian cricket pitches and golf courses, this grass exhibits a rich green colour and comfortable feel. However, it’s high maintenance and must be mowed regularly to keep its appearance.

On the other hand, Kikuyu is a quick-spreading type of grass with excellent wear tolerance. If you have kids or pets that love running around your garden, Kikuyu might be the grass for you.

Meanwhile, Zoysia is a tropical grass variety gaining popularity among landscapers for its lush appearance and low maintenance requirement. It thrives in the scorching Australian sun, making it a great option for those hotter months.

Lastly, we have Tall Fescue, a shade-tolerant species perfect for yards with big trees casting shadows over the lawn. This grass also exhibits excellent tolerance to pests and diseases, securing longevity.

It’s a Turf Decision

Finding the ideal turf to lay in your Coffs Harbour home requires carefully assessing the lawn’s unique characteristics and the lifestyle you lead. From Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu, Zoysia, to Tall Fescue, each variant has unique aspects to offer.

If you’d like advice and a quote for the best turf for your garden, contact the experts at Solé Structural Landscapes today.

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