Unique Landscaping Ideas

Unique Landscaping Ideas

Are you tired of looking out across a bland-looking garden? Perhaps you’ve bought a new house, and all you have now is a flat patch of grass or dirt? It’s not easy to know where to start. After all, just planting around the edges and following the fence line is an improvement, but it’s not very exciting! Perhaps you need some unique landscaping ideas that will help inspire you. So, we’ve compiled a few tips that will keep things interesting, improve your garden and be fun to do.

Unique Landscaping for Everyone

Curve the Lines

A new house typically has minimal landscaping. However, this offers a fantastic opportunity for some unique landscaping. Nature doesn’t follow straight lines, so neither should your landscape design. So, create curved plant beds and meandering pathways that mimic nature. Also, when planning your curves, try laying out a garden hose to plot the lines. Then, once you’re happy, use line-marking paint.

Give your Lawn the Edge

Lawn edging is essential to define the creative curves, keep them tidy, and separate lawn and garden beds. Fortunately, there are many different lawn edging materials from which to choose. These include bricks, rocks, moulded cement, metal and plastic. For really unique landscaping, consider using different edging for distinct areas of your garden.

Add Stone for Unique Landscaping

Stone brings natural beauty and uniqueness to a garden. This could be a stone pathway, stone wall, stone retaining wall or stone water feature. Furthermore, consider a stone fire pit with a stone circular seat wall if you have the budget. How about an outdoor stone chimney and seating area?

Choose your Plants Wisely

Experience has shown that the planting strategy of, ‘Just plant then and we can move them later if it doesn’t work’ tends to create chaos in a garden! So, you need to take a step back, chat to your local garden centre, and sit down with your local landscaper, and make a landscape plan. After all, time, money, and landscape space are limited, so it’s essential to maximise every dollar.

If you’d like help with your unique landscaping plan, call Luke at Solé Structural Landscaping today.

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