Creating a Water Conservation Garden Design

Creating a Water Conservation Garden Design

Creating a garden design that’s both sustainable and water conserving has never been so relevant. After all, NSW this summer is officially in drought and no one really knows when the rain is coming back. So, it’s a good idea to look at the various ways you can achieve a vibrant and diverse garden that requires the minimum of water, fertilisers and maintenance. Here’s 5 hot tips to include in your garden design to really wring out the benefits of every drop of water.

Collect Rain Water

It’s a great idea to install a water tank to collect rainwater from your gutter system. This water can potentially see you through periods of harsh water restrictions. Also, from a garden design perspective, consider adding slopes and drains to your lawn. These can capture run-off rainwater and channel it into a pond or wet area.

Garden Design with Hydrozones

Simply put, all this means is grouping plants together that require similar amounts of water. That way, you won’t lose plants by over or under-watering. Consequently, you’ll be using your limited water in the most efficient way.

Use Mulch

In hot weather, evaporation of moisture from soil is a problem. Spread a generous layer of mulch around your garden beds and trees to prevent this. In addition, if you use garden cuttings then you’ll be adding nutrients to the soil too.

Adopt Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is by far the most effective and efficient way to water garden beds and veggie patches. This is because this method supplies a slow drip feed of water directly to where it’s needed most. Note that drip irrigation piping that’s mostly concealed underground should be included in the initial garden design.

Choose Drought Resistant Plants

Drought resistant, or drought tolerant plants are the ideal way to beat a drought and still have a colourful and lush garden. You’ll need to give careful thought to your plant selection. Fortunately, there are plenty of natives and imported plants to choose from.

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